Mobile Phone Signal Boosting

Improve Your Reception

Solve the problem of dropped calls, poor voice quality and low data speeds caused by a weak mobile signal.

We specialise hardwired Cel-Fi solutions for your residential or commercial building. Cel-Fi solutions optimise mobile coverage while improving voice quality and data speeds. Cel-Fi products are ideal for enterprise environments, small business, multi-story homes and remote settings. Cel-Fi is 100% legal in Australia and approved for use with local mobile networks to improve reception.

Cel-Fi Antenna

Breaking Down the Walls

Cel-Fi mobile repeaters are designed to amplify and distribute a mobile signal within a building without causing any interference to the mobile network. The Cel-Fi is locked to the carrier and will only amplify a signal within that carrier’s frequency range.

Cel-Fi X

How it Works

A Cel-Fi mobile repeater system is made up of several components which are installed in a way to minimise their visual impact on your building:


Outdoor Antenna – This is a small, unobtrusive antenna that must be mounted outside in order to receive the mobile signal. Anywhere that will receive a constant 1 bar of mobile reception is adequate. This can easily be mounted to a pole already being used for a TV antenna or wireless internet to avoid the installation of an additional mast.


Cel-Fi Go – The brains of the system, this unit is responsible for the amplification of the mobile signal. It’s rugged design means that it’s ideal to mount within a roof space away from view.


Indoor Antenna – This unit ultra-thin, aesthetically pleasing antenna can be mounted on the ceiling. It is used to distribute the mobile signal to devices within the building. It is also possible to mount the antenna within the roof space to achieve an installation that’s completely away from view.

Mobile Providers

Tested and Approved for Use with Australian Telcos

Cel-Fi mobile repeaters have been tested and approved for use on the Telstra, Optus & Vodafone Mobile and the companies that use their networks.

Learn More about Cel-Fi

For more information about Cel-Fi and to view case studies of it in action visit the Cel-Fi website.


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